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New SkyMiles Dining Rewards Updated October 2012

SkyMiles Dining Double BonusI got an email a few day ago from SkyMiles Dining telling me that I am now a VIP member and will earn 5 miles for every dollar I spend, rather than 3 miles.

You’re now a VIP Member and earning 5 miles for every dollar you spend through 12/31/13. Earning more miles adds up fast! How fast? A $50 dinner now earns you 250 miles—100 more than you earned before! Keep dining out and your mileage balance will really take off. Here are a few of the restaurants where you can earn VIP rewards.

Too bad I only have 6 options to choose from here in Alaska! Thank God my wife and I are flying to Florida for a week to visit family and to get some summer in! I have to get out of Alaska and get into some warmer weather! Just the other day on September 29th it snowed!.. yes.. snow in September! In all my life I have never seen it snow in September, but being so far north I guess weird weather happens all of the time.

I wanted to pass on this new deal from SkyMiles Dining which ends on October 15th so if you have a SkyMiles Dining account, better try to take advantage of their current offer:

From October 1-15th, earn twice the miles. Every dollar you spend at a SkyMiles Dining restaurant will earn you double miles. The best part of this promotion is, you don’t have to register for it. Got out and eat at a participating restaurant and you’ll find yourself with many more miles than you would have expected.

You can always search the SkyMiles Dining website to find what restaurants are participating in their program. This is how I found out that only 6 restaurants are in the system in Anchorage, AK. When I moved here in 2011 there were only 3 restaurants in the system.

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