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Earn Free Airline Miles From Current Deals

There are multiple ways you can earn free miles from doing what you normally do. Did you know that you can earn free miles on most all airlines without ever flying! Better yet, if you have poor credit and can’t get approved for any of the current credit card bonus offers, there are many other ways of earning free miles.

I am currently putting together a list of ways you can earn free miles without signing up for credit card promotions, go to my current deals page to find deals for each airline.

The best way to gain loads of free airline miles and rewards points quickly is by signing up for credit card promotions. Without signing up for offers, there are other ways you can earn miles, just by doing what you would normally do. For instance, if you ever thought of signing up for Netflix, many airlines offer bonuses for trying out the service. Most Airlines also have their own shopping portals that pay miles based on how much you spend. How does 5 miles per dollar sound? And what if you where purchasing items you needed, gifts for friends or family members, these free reward miles can be racked up pretty quickly. Did you know you could earn 3-5 miles per dollar you spend at participating restaurants through many different airline dining portals? Most of these services are free to join and some require you to register for services you might already be thinking of getting.

Every airline has some type of dining program with participating restaurants. I wrote about the Delta SkyMiles dining program, which has about the same offers as all of the other airlines. They all offer bonuses for registering and they also offer between 3 and 5 bonus miles per dollar spent. The only difference is how big the bonus is for registering. Southwest seems to be the only airline that offers an additional 500 bonus miles after reaching 1,500 points, but with their low registration bonus of 300 miles, they are still below all of the other offers. Delta offers the most miles for dining at 1,200 after the first purchase of $25 or more.

As you will see, there are many offers and promotions that will help you to gain free airline miles for either doing nothing but registering, or by participating in offers for products or services.

If you know of any offers for free airline miles, please share so we can all take advantage of it!

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