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Best Credit Card Rewards

Here I will list some of the best credit card rewards you can get. Every day new offers come and go and while some offers are so good, they only last a day or even a few hours! Getting the best travel credit cards is what makes free travel work. You also have to be careful with your spending habits.

Every rewards credit card comes with some type of bonus for signing up. With this bonus you are required to meet specific criteria in order to earn the bonus. Most bonuses require a large amount of money to be spent on the card within a specified time period, ie. $3,000 within 3 months or $5,000 within 4 months. Make sure you are able to meet these spending requirements otherwise you are wasting your time with the rewards card.

If you cannot meet specific requirements then its probably best to get a credit card that gives you airline miles or rewards points with little to no yearly fee. Finding a rewards card that offer no yearly fee is difficult as any rewards credit card will come with some way for them to ‘get their money back’.

If you go past your first year with the credit card, be prepared to pay their yearly fee. Obviously the first yearly fee does not make the credit card worthless since you probably made more from the bonus than you would lose from the fee.

For instance, Chase offers a credit card that will give you 40,000 rewards points and they waive the first yearly fee of $95. Those 40,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points are worth $400, much more than the yearly fee they take back. The longer you stick with a credit card that charges you this fee the less value you will get.

Here are some of the best rewards credit cards that I know of, they offer either airline miles, rewards points or hotel rewards:

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