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Can I Get Delta Miles If I Fly On Alaska Airlines?

Delta Skymiles

Patti writes: I will be flying to Hawaii in November, and am looking at flying Alaska Airlines. Can I get Delta Frequent Flyer miles for flying Alaska Airlines, if I book through Alaska Air? My wife and I were actually looking to fly to Hawaii in October, but decided to visit family in Florida instead! We are both flying First ... Read More »

Earn Airline Miles For Buying Flowers

Its not too late to load up on air miles from buying flowers for Mothers Day! 1800Flowers and FTD both offer deals for buying flowers. Valentines day and Mothers Day, both tend to offer some amazing deals. A simple bouquet from either of these places will cost about $60, adding that to the 35+ miles you can earn per dollar, ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why You Need A Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

We all know that traveling can be expensive, whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business. Whenever I tell my friends or family that having a specific credit card is worth the annual fee, they just laugh and say “Why would I pay a yearly fee for a credit card when I can use my (blank) card for free”. ... Read More »

Nightmare Redeeming Delta SkyMiles For Reward Tickets

I have heard many stories of people trying to redeem their Delta SkyMiles for rewards tickets, to find out that they can’t get the flight they want. Ive never had an issue redeeming my Delta miles and over the past two years and I’ve redeemed thousands of free miles.  Well that was until yesterday I had a perfect record of ... Read More »

Bonus Alaska Airlines Miles For Shopping At Carrs Safeway

I never knew about this until I moved to Alaska, but you can earn Alaska Air miles just by shopping at Carrs Safeway. I grew up shopping at Safeway in Washington, then when I moved to Alaska I learned that anyone who lives in Alaska can earn free Alaska Air miles just by shopping at Carrs. I do not expect ... Read More »