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Free Delta SkyMiles With SkyMiles Dining

Earn free Delta SkyMiles without ever stepping on a plane, its possible with SkyMiles Dining. If you are like my wife and I, we eat out at least 5-10 times each month. Its harder for us to get these free airline miles because there are only two participating restaurants here in Alaska! I checked my home town in Washington, where I used to live and there was a list of 83 different restaurants participating in the SkyMiles Dining program. I signed up for the Delta SkyMiles Dining program because my wife and I travel so much and that finding decent restaurants is much easier when traveling than eating at the two options available to us in Alaska. When we travel we eat out all of the time, so why not earn free airline miles at the same time? Not only will you earn free airline miles for eating out, but if you attach your Airline Miles credit cards or American Express credit card to your SkyMiles Dining account, you will earn even more, kind of like a one-two punch.

SkyMiles Dining makes it easy for you to search for restaurants around your area so you can see a list of participating restaurants even before signing up. Even if you are like me and have 2 options, its still free to sign up and since we all travel, we will eventually be able to benefit from this rewards program. You must fill out the registration form, provide a valid email, mailing address, phone number, Delta SkyMiles member number and any number of credit/debit cards you want to earn credit with. When you use the credit/debit card, the Delta SkyMiles Dining program will award your account with the proper number of miles.

There are three basic program levels. If you signup without providing a valid email or agreeing to allow them to send you promotional emails, then you are classified as a basic ‘member’ and will only earn 1 mile per two dollars spent. Its definitely worth giving them an email address, even if its one you use for ‘junk’ mail. An Online Member is classified as someone who provides a valid email and agrees to receive promotional emails and a VIP Member is one who provides a valid email and has dined out at 12 participating restaurants within the past 12 months. After your 12th dining experience you will then start to earn 5 miles per dollar spent. Being a VIP Member is when miles can really start adding up. Just by going on a vacation or business trip and spending $200 at any participating restaurant can net you 1,000 free Delta airline miles.

SkyMiles Dining Membership Levels

There is also an easy way to earn 1,200 free Delta SkyMiles within your first 30 days. Join SkyMiles Dining for free, spend $25 at a participating restaurant and complete a review, all within 30 days and you will have an easy 1,200 free airline miles.

SkyMiles Dining also offers special bonuses such as double miles at participating restaurants which is updated frequently and also you can earn 25 miles for completing reviews of places you have dined at. Not only do you earn free airline miles for eating out, but as you can see there are many other ways the average person can earn free Delta SkyMiles. Through this rewards program you can earn a free airline ticket without ever stepping on a plane. How long will it take you to earn 25,000 Delta SkyMiles? If you average your yearly dining-out cost, plus add on any bonus miles you receive either through promotions or the use of your credit card, you can estimate how many miles you will earn. $200 each month spent at qualified restaurants would net you 12,000 free Delta SkyMiles without adding on other ‘bonus’ miles or miles/points earned from using your credit card(s).

Updated Bonus Miles – 2000 Delta SkyMiles From SkyMiles Dining. – Offer ends 12/31/12

Have you used the SkyMiles Dining program? What do you think of it? Please share!

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