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Fast Delta Miles With SkyMiles Dining

My wife and I took advantage of the 1,200 bonus Delta SkyMiles by eating out at a participating SkyMiles restaurant this past weekend. All major airlines seem to have their own miles for dining programs and while they all offer bonuses when you first sign up, Delta currently offers the highest bonus of 1,200 SkyMiles. This is an addition to the miles you earn by eating at the restaurant. Since my wife and I live in Alaska, there are only 2 participating restaurants! Yes this makes it harder to earn miles, but when I checked other areas of the country we visit often, such as Seattle, there were many options we could choose from.

We ate at the Cattle Company Steakhouse in Anchorage, also known as Black Angus and thought the food was pretty good. Our meal came out to $81 and since I am a new member with the SkyMiles dining program I get 3 miles per dollar spent. For the meal we earned 245 free airline miles, talk about easy miles. For those families who eat out at least once a week, 3 miles per dollar spent can really add up, even so, if you were earning 5 miles per dollar spent. With the current 1,200 bonus mile promotion and the 245 miles for the $81 bill, it comes out to 5.6 cents per mile or 1,445 Delta miles for $81. Now this isn’t the best deal in terms of ‘buying’ miles, but if you are going to go out and eat somewhere, why not earn free airline miles at the same time? It’s like getting paid to do something you would normally be doing. These types of activities are what we look for when earning free airline miles. We don’t out out of our budget or look to ‘buy’ products or services just to earn miles, but if we were to earn miles for doing what was normal, then its a better deal.

After you first sign up for the SkyMiles dining program you have 30 days to qualify for the promotion. Its easy to qualify, spend $25 or more at any of their participating restaurants and write a review of your experience. You have the option of keeping your review anonymous. The review is a simple form that asks you to rate the food, service and quality and should only take about a minute to finish. After eating at 11 participating restaurants, your miles per dollar spent, goes up to 5! This same meal could have earned us 405 Delta miles rather than 245. The maximum you can earn in a single month is currently $600 worth or 1,800-3,000 SkyMiles, depending on your current rewards level.

I checked my SkyMiles account and to my surprise the 245 miles I earned 5 days before were just deposited into my account. Now lets see how long it takes to get the 1,200 bonus miles.

Signup for your airline’s Dining rewards program and start earning free miles just by eating out!



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