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Get 300 Bonus Miles With Delta SkyMiles Dining, Offer Ends 12/31/12

Get 300 bonus Delta SkyMiles for every $100 you spend at participating restaurants, bars and clubs. You have to pre-register to be qualified for this offer and the offer ends on December 31, 2012. Register Here

I would take advantage of this offer but here in Alaska there are only 2 participating restaurants in the SkyMiles Dining program! Its a great program if you travel or eat out a lot, but its also a great idea to register for a free account in case if you ever eat out at a participating restaurant without knowing it. Every dollar you spend can net you between 3-5 free airline miles and with this deal $100 spent will give you 500-800 free airline miles.

I believe every airline miles program has their own Dining program, so if you fly on another airline besides Delta, you can register for their offer as well. I have listed most of the Dining rewards programs in the Current Deals section of this site.

Each airline will have a different offer, but the program is basically the same across the board. You register for a free account, give them your credit card number (so they can track your dining purchases) and then a few days later you are credited with the air miles.

With the current deal you will need to write a review of each place you eat, but writing the review might take 1 minute of your time.

Be sure to register for the deal, otherwise you won’t be credited with the 300 free bonus miles for each $100 you spend. This is a great bargain for those who travel or eat out a lot!

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