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How To Accidentally Earn Free Airline Miles

How did I accidentally earn 336 free Delta SkyMiles?

Delta SkyMiles Dining Bonus

Last month my wife and I flew down to Seattle Washington for a week to attend a wedding. Since growing up in the area I wanted to visit my parents before heading back home to Alaska. I knew we would only have time to meet with them for Sunday lunch and since we only have two restaurants in Alaska that participate in the SkyMiles Dining program, I really wanted to find one in Washington.

If you are a frequent traveler and are not registered with your Airlines’ Dining program, then you are missing out on a TON of free mile.

On Sunday morning I tried looking up a restaurant that was apart of the dining program and got no results. I thought it was odd because the city we were eating in had lots of food options and I knew some of the restaurants in the area participated in the dining program. I gave my parents three different options and then let them choose where we would eat, they picked Black Angus.

I had no idea that Black Angus was apart of the SkyMiles dining program, but knew that all I had to do was use my Visa credit card (Chase Sapphire Preferred) to pay for the meal.. and just maybe I would earn miles.

Well to my surprise Black Angus in Puyallup, Washington belongs to the Delta SkyMiles Dining program and 9 days later I was awarded 336 free airline miles along with another 300 bonus miles. Now until December 31, 2012 for every $100 I spend at participating restaurants I will earn an extra 300 bonus miles. You have to register for this offer – here

One Bite At A Time Bonus - Delta SkyMiles Dining

Our lunch trip with my parents ended up giving us 636 free Delta SkyMiles, for something I would have paid for anyways. Getting free miles for doing something I would normally do is what its all about. Not only did I earn 636 free Delta SkyMiles but I also earned another 112 rewards points for using my Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. If I wanted to, I could have used my AMEX Delta Platinum credit card and have earned another 112 Delta Skymiles.

As you can see I earn free miles for doing what I normally would have done. How many of you eat out at least once a month? Twice a month? On special occasions? Did you know you could earn free airline miles by eating at participating restaurants. So far this year I have earned over 2,000 Delta SkyMiles and we only have 2 participating restaurants in Alaska!

You don’t have to be a Delta SkyMiles member to get free airline miles from dining out.

If you prefer to fly on another airline such as AA, Alaska Airlines, United.. they all have their own dining programs. You just need to signup and register your credit card in the back office of your account, this is how they keep track if you eat at one of the participating restaurants.

So far dining out is one of the easier ways of earning free airline miles, and quickly! The free airline miles are usually deposited into your account within 7-10 days, even the bonus miles you can earn are sent to your account.

Looking to top up your account, or need a few hundred or thousands miles? Then try registering for a dining program. Delta still offers 1,200 bonus miles just by registering and spending $25 within your first 30 days. View the offer here.

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