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When To Open A Travel Credit Card

Here is a question I recently received and felt that it would be beneficial to answer it now, since we are rapidly approaching the end of the year. With the end of the year comes the scrambling of mile earners as they either need to reach a specific amount of miles to keep their status or to push them over ... Read More »

Free 250 Delta MQMs From Hertz Until November 30, 2012

Hertz Delta SkyMiles 250 MQM Deal

This offer is worth mentioning because normally you never find a deal like this. To get miles that actually count towards a rank advancement you must either fly on a paid ticket or spend a lot on a credit card that is offering those miles, usually the airline’s own credit card, such as the American Express Delta Credit Card. (My ... Read More »

2000 Free Delta SkyMiles From SkyMiles Dining

Delta SkyMiles Dining 2000 Miles Bonus

If you aren’t a SkyMiles dining member then now is the time to register! Right now if you register and spend $25 at one of their participating restaurants within the first 30 days of your account opening, you will earn an additional 2,000 SkyMiles. Here are the terms directly from the SkyMiles Dining website: This bonus is only for new ... Read More »

What Airlines Can You Fly With American Express Points

American Express Travel Partners

What airlines can you fly with American Express Points What I love about American Express are the number of airlines they offer for transferring rewards points. Most start off at 1,000 rewards points and not all airlines have the same exchange rates. You can transfer 1,000 AMEX points to Delta and receive 1,000 SkyMiles. During promotional times, you can also ... Read More »

New SkyMiles Dining Rewards Updated October 2012

SkyMiles Dining Double Bonus

I got an email a few day ago from SkyMiles Dining telling me that I am now a VIP member and will earn 5 miles for every dollar I spend, rather than 3 miles. You’re now a VIP Member and earning 5 miles for every dollar you spend through 12/31/13. Earning more miles adds up fast! How fast? A $50 ... Read More »

How To Choose The Best Rewards Travel Credit Cards

Best Credit Card Rewards Program

Shane writes: I’m interested in obtaining another credit card that is a rewards credit card and I’m not sure which one to get. My credit score is almost 900 and I travel 4-5 times a year total domestically and internationally. I’d say I average $30-$40k in expenses a year on my current credit card with no rewards. This is a ... Read More »

Can I Get Delta Miles If I Fly On Alaska Airlines?

Delta Skymiles

Patti writes: I will be flying to Hawaii in November, and am looking at flying Alaska Airlines. Can I get Delta Frequent Flyer miles for flying Alaska Airlines, if I book through Alaska Air? My wife and I were actually looking to fly to Hawaii in October, but decided to visit family in Florida instead! We are both flying First ... Read More »