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About Me

My name is Derek and I created this website as a guide to help you earn free travel awards like I do all of the time. I have learned that the average person has no idea that there are literally hundreds of ways they can travel for free. I have been self employed since 2007, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I really learned how I could get free airline miles, free hotel stays and even free rental cars. Who doesn’t want to travel for free? The key to traveling for free is leveraging awards points and airline miles and then turning them into more miles without more effort on your part.

My wife and I currently live in Wasilla, Alaska and flying down to the lower 48 states cost a minimum of $500-$700 round trip. I have not paid for a plane ticket since 2010 and have since traveled over 50k miles, all basically free. The techniques I share aren’t new, but I believe there are ways of leveraging airline miles or awards points to get the maximum benefit for the least amount of effort. Would you believe that I can turn 100,000 awards points to 140,000 or more airline miles? What if I told you, you could get 50,000 awards points within 3 months, and then turn those 50,000 awards points to 70,000 or more airline miles without doing anything more. Its the simple act of maximizing your points to work for you. By the way, 75,000 airline miles can get you 3 free round trip airline tickets to most places in the USA or 1 international airline ticket.

Most of my traveling is done in First Class and I even gave my parents First Class tickets across the country which would have cost just over $2,100… all for basically nothing.

When I’m not working on my businesses I am either planning future trips or finding other travel deals to share with you here. I’m not just going to show you how to travel for free, but actually walk the talk. I currently have 241,000 airline miles and 510,000 rewards points ready to be made into free airline miles. I will show you how I will change 510,000 rewards points into 20-40% more airline miles with one simple step. So I basically have 612,000-714,000 free airline miles waiting to be created.