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Travel Alaska

Since living in Wasilla Alaska for the past year and a half, I have decided to create a page dedicated to traveling in Alaska. I do claim to know everything about this state, but since moving here in June 2011 I have driven all over the state, taking friends and family members.

I have learned what the average tourist would want to see and what might be a waste of time. Since most tourist come to Alaska for a week or two, its difficult to see the entire state in such a short period of time.

Alaska is the biggest state and in order to see the best parts you need to have a plan and know exactly where you will go. If you want to see Fairbanks but also want to take a glacier sight seeing tour out of Seward, planning will be needed. Both locations are opposite directions and going to one might make it impossible to see the other. Having a planned out trip in Alaska will not only help you enjoy your time here but will also keep your stress levels down.

Please bare with me while I create these few pages on Alaska travel.

This is no small task but I hope to be completed by Spring 2013, just in time for another tourist season here in Alaska.