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Earn Airline Miles For Buying Flowers

Its not too late to load up on air miles from buying flowers for Mothers Day! 1800Flowers and FTD both offer deals for buying flowers. Valentines day and Mothers Day, both tend to offer some amazing deals. A simple bouquet from either of these places will cost about $60, adding that to the 35+ miles you can earn per dollar, makes buying flowers, a sweet deal.

Right now if you bought ‘mom’ a bouquet of flowers from 1800flowers, you can get 35 Delta SkyMiles per $1 spent. A $60 bouquet would give you 2,100 Delta Skymiles, a decent number of miles for blessing mom on Mothers Day.

Here are some of the better deals for different airline miles programs:

Delta currently has two different offers. 35 miles per dollar spent with 1800Flowers or 1,500 miles for your order with FTD. If you order over $42, then buying flowers from 1800Flowers makes for a better deal.

What’s great about these deals, are that most people have no idea you can earn miles for doing what you normally do. If you buy mom flowers every year, why not get free airline miles for doing it? How many times have you purchased flowers without getting free miles? I know I have and the great thing about most of these deals, are they are usually on going. The bonus amount of miles might drop, but no matter when you purchase flowers, always search for deals like the ones listed above.

If you find a better deal please let us know!

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