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Can I Redeem Delta SkyMiles For Other People

This is a question I get at least a few times a month. And the answer is YES! Yes you can redeem your Delta SkyMiles for a ticket for another person. They don’t have to be a family member or even be related to you in any way. In fact over the past few months I have redeemed 150,000 SkyMiles for 6 tickets to fly family and friends to Alaska.

Just the other day I redeemed 50,000 Delta SkyMiles to fly two friends from Seattle to Anchorage. I was able to get each ticket at 25,000, the cheapest price for redeeming SkyMiles. The only cost to me was the $5 fee for each ticket. The total savings was almost $1,200, the price for both tickets.. yes its expensive to fly to Alaska, especially in the summer!

How Do You Redeem Delta SkyMiles For Other People?

The process is the same for when you redeem SkyMiles for yourself. The only difference is where it says “I am traveling“, you don’t click that box. When you do click that box, Delta will give you better seat options depending on your current class with Delta.

Since the process is the same, all you need to do is find the tickets you want to purchase and follow the same steps as if you were purchasing them for yourself. Be sure you have the full name and birthdays of the people you are buying the tickets for in order to complete the purchase.

TIP – When buying more than 2 award tickets using your Delta SkyMiles, its best to purchase them many months in advanced. Otherwise you might find it hard getting 3+ award seats on the same flight. When I purchased tickets for 4 family members I spent over an hour on the phone with Delta trying to find the right flights. Its much easier finding 2 reward seats on any flight, than it is on finding multiple reward seats on the same flight. If you are buying tickets for multiple family member or friends, it might be best to call a Delta Rep.

You can read about my experience with trying to redeem multiple reward tickets at the same time here.

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