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New SkyMiles Dining Rewards Updated October 2012

SkyMiles Dining Double Bonus

I got an email a few day ago from SkyMiles Dining telling me that I am now a VIP member and will earn 5 miles for every dollar I spend, rather than 3 miles. You’re now a VIP Member and earning 5 miles for every dollar you spend through 12/31/13. Earning more miles adds up fast! How fast? A $50 ... Read More »

How To Choose The Best Rewards Travel Credit Cards

Best Credit Card Rewards Program

Shane writes: I’m interested in obtaining another credit card that is a rewards credit card and I’m not sure which one to get. My credit score is almost 900 and I travel 4-5 times a year total domestically and internationally. I’d say I average $30-$40k in expenses a year on my current credit card with no rewards. This is a ... Read More »

Can I Get Delta Miles If I Fly On Alaska Airlines?

Delta Skymiles

Patti writes: I will be flying to Hawaii in November, and am looking at flying Alaska Airlines. Can I get Delta Frequent Flyer miles for flying Alaska Airlines, if I book through Alaska Air? My wife and I were actually looking to fly to Hawaii in October, but decided to visit family in Florida instead! We are both flying First ... Read More »

How To Buy Airline Tickets With American Express Points

How can you buy airline tickets with American Express points? Just like most credit card rewards programs, your points can be used to buy airline tickets. Just think of your rewards points as a form of cash. Usually the value of rewards points when redeeming airline tickets comes out to about 1 cent apiece, not very great huh? One of ... Read More »

Can I Earn Delta Miles On Flights I Purchase For My Family?

Here is a common question I get: “Can I earn Delta miles on flights I purchase for my family?” In other words do you get the airline miles or frequent flyer miles for the flights you purchase for your family… No. I know it sucks since you are the one putting out the cash to purchase the tickets for your ... Read More »

How To Accidentally Earn Free Airline Miles

How did I accidentally earn 336 free Delta SkyMiles? Last month my wife and I flew down to Seattle Washington for a week to attend a wedding. Since growing up in the area I wanted to visit my parents before heading back home to Alaska. I knew we would only have time to meet with them for Sunday lunch and ... Read More »

Shout Out To InACents Readers

Just a quick shout out to the readers! Thanks for stopping by! If you haven’t yet read our post, read it here: Alaskan Departures; A Guest Post by The Points Guide You can also follow me on Twitter Read More »