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American Express Rights A Wrong – Gives Me 86k Rewards Points

This is why I love American Express.. their customer service is unmatched! I wrote yesterday about how American Express Almost Lost Me 105,000 Free Rewards Points and today got my answer. I felt like I lost a years worth of rewards points all because of some miscommunication when I called to verify that I had received the card. The representative over the phone said everything was verified and that my account had been set up to earn rewards points.. besides that was the point of getting that card, right?! I received a call back today from the American Express Membership Rewards department. They had gone back through the last 11 months of transactions to figure out how many rewards points I was missing. According to the rep who called me back, she said they never link up the credit card with the membership rewards program because there is a fee to do that?! What?! Really! I’ve never heard of that, nor has that happened with any of my other 3 American Express cards! Anyways, she was very nice and said she would be placing 76,213 rewards points into my account along with 10,000 more for the inconvenience and issues this has caused me. This is still lower than the 105,000 rewards points that I know they owe me. I still have to find out where the other 29,000 rewards points are. To me this is still a substantial amount of points, at least one free airline ticket, but its nice to have most of what I was owed, safely in my account.

This adjustment now gives me 541,161 American Express rewards points which I will eventually start converting to free airline miles. I’m just waiting for the best transfer bonus to come out. Right now British Air has a 50% bonus until May 31st, but I believe I will pass on that deal and will explain why in a post tomorrow. If I took advantage of the transfer bonus to British Air and transferred all of my rewards points, I could have 811,741 free airline miles or ‘Avios’, which are the ‘miles’ currency used with British Air.

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